About Smart Maths.

Smart Maths is a South African licenced CAPS-based mathematical program that is specifically formulated to help students who may be struggling with their school-level mathematics as well as students who wish to advance their mathematical capabilities beyond grade-level. We pride ourselves in excellent quality mathematical workbooks that have been formulated to an impeccable standard to ensure students receive only the best possible mathematical instruction and meaningful conceptual practice.

What’s covered in the Smart Maths Programme


Students will learn to accurately read off length, temperature and mass, perform units of measurement conversions and order measurements.


The different foundational methods for addition and subtraction are mastered as well as addition and subtraction of decimals.


Recognition of money (notes and coins), addition and subtraction using money and word problems relating to money are practiced extensively.


Students will learn to read time in both analogue and 24-hour digital formats, perform time conversions and work with time zones.

Data Handling

Drawing different types of graphs, performing graph inference, drawing conclusions from graphs and general probability are covered in detail.


Mastery of the various foundational methods for multiplication and division, most notably, long multiplication and division.


Students practice working with number patterns to find input and output values, explain patterns and complete flow diagrams.


Basic algebra is introduced and the fundamental ground work for basic algebra is covered extensively including BODMAS and number sentences.

2-D and 3-D Shapes

Identification and sorting of various shapes, composite shapes and matching of nets is covered. Perimeter, area and volume calculations are practiced to ensure students are comfortable calculating these measures for any potential shape.

Number Concepts

Basic number concepts are practiced repeatedly to ensure students are comfortable with breaking down numbers, doubling/halving, place and number value, rounding off, multiples and factors, primes, percentages, and positive and negative numbers.


Mastery of all foundational fraction concepts including writing, recognizing, comparing and adding/subtracting fractions. In addition, equivalent and decimal fractions, fractions of whole numbers and general fraction conversions are also covered.

Analytical Geometry

The following concepts are explained in depth, alphanumerical positions, transformations, symmetry, congruency and similarity, enlargements and reductions, and finding unknown sides of triangles and quadrilaterals.

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